Xparteez ​will always ​keep ​your ​Personal ​Information ​confidential. ​We ​will ​only ​collect ​and ​use ​your ​personal information ​as ​detailed ​below.

 ​1. Processing ​of ​Information

Xparteez ​undertakes ​not ​to ​sell, ​share ​or ​trade ​any ​personal ​information ​collected on our website or social media platforms, ever.

Should ​you ​sign ​up ​for marketing ​mailers, ​you ​expressly give permission ​to Xparteez ​to send ​you ​marketing ​communications. ​You ​may unsubscribe ​to ​these subscriptions ​at ​any ​time ​by ​following ​the ​link ​within ​the email or ​by ​emailing us at with the word “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line of the email.

 ​2. Security ​of Information

Xparteez ​ensures ​that ​all ​information ​collected ​will ​be ​safely ​and ​securely ​stored. 

​If ​you ​feel ​that ​your ​privacy ​has ​been abused ​by ​Xparteez ​please ​contact ​and ​we ​will ​resolve ​the ​issue immediately.

 3. Collection ​of ​Information

Information ​we ​collect ​may ​include, but is not limited to, your:

  • Name ​
  • Surname 
  • Email ​Address 
  • Telephone ​Number 
  • Mobile ​Number 
  • Company ​Name

 4. Recourse and Complaints

If ​you ​are ​not ​satisfied ​with ​the ​way ​in ​which ​we ​handle ​your information, ​please don’t ​hesitate ​to ​contact ​us ​at